We project manage, typeset, illustrate and produce books, journals and associated digital versions that both precisely interpret and accurately fulfil our customers’ instructions. Publications range from complex STM publications to educational, reference and instructional books on varied topics such as transport self-help, flora and fauna and current affairs.

We are proud of our long-held reputation for delivering a high quality typesetting service on a wide range of titles.

What we can provide:

  • Typesetting and make-up
  • Accurate cast-offs
  • Book design
  • Project management
  • Copy-editing
  • Styling
  • Correction
  • Illustration (both electronic and freehand)
  • Back list books (we are able to create facsimile of old and ancient books)
  • Scanning
  • Colour certified contract proofing
  • Proof reading
  • Indexing
  • ePub, ePDF, XML and Mobi.

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Typesetting - Fakenham Prepress Solutions


At Fakenham Prepress Solutions we have a long-held reputation of delivering a wide range of titles. Why not take a look at some of the examples below?

Typesetting - Fakenham Prepress Solutions

Educational Publications

Violence – A&C Black

Working with publishers targeting the Primary School sector, we have produced a number of titles in book and CD-ROM format. In the case of the Headline series for A&C Black, we set the publications in Word, before outputting to PDF format. This enables the CD-ROM version to contain editable activity sheets, as well as additional resources material and photographs to display on a whiteboard.

Accurate interpretation of the publisher’s design guidelines, together with successful conversion to the electronic version, are essential skills in order to produce books that are individual in their own right but also follow the overall series style.

Typesetting - Fakenham Prepress Solutions

Professional Publications

Managing Employment Relations – Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

We work across a range of professional publications including scientific, mathematic and business management.

Dealing at times with complex concepts, we work closely with publishers and authors providing sufficient sample pages prior to setting to ensure that both the setting and in particular diagrams communicate cleanly and clearly. Our proof readers too have a reputation among our clients for accuracy and our whole team work on the principle of ‘instruct us just once and it will be done’.

Typesetting - Fakenham Prepress Solutions

Theological Publications

Modern Christian Theology

We offer a complete one-stop-shop, prepress service to our publisher clients. Our services include book design, typesetting and make-up, project management, illustration (electronic or freehand), picture research, scanning, proof reading, digital proofing, indexing, certified PDFs, the creation of digital bundles to support published works and a full archiving service with on- and off-site storage.

Cookery Book - Fakenham Prepress Solutions

Cookery Publications

Practical Cookery Level 3 – Hodder Education

We have extensive experience in producing titles big or small. From time to time a customer might desire to create a new publication, extracting elements from several different sources while applying a new design.

Being well versed in producing accurate first proofs, we ensure clarity, consistency of design and balance in projects which frequently require multi-faceted page make-up.

Back List Books

Like most publishers you probably hold many back listed titles. It may be the case that there are no digital files for these. A book collecting dust on the bookshelf is worth nothing, but once digitised, it could potentially be worth thousands.

We can reproduce back list titles, when no files are available, just a book. Images will be scanned, retouched and colour corrected, with text reset and corrected if necessary. Print ready PDF files can be supplied together with application files for your digital archive. We will also keep a digital archive to give you that extra peace of mind that you have an extra back-up.

Typesetting - Fakenham Prepress Solutions
Typesetting - Fakenham Prepress Solutions

Biography of General Field Marshal Keith the book pictured above, has just been translated from old German to English by our Editor. It was then re-set and made up using InDesign. We have just sent it off to press where it will be printed and bound. The customer will be giving some of the copies away to friends and family. We can’t wait to show you the final outcome which should hopefully follow soon!