Professional Typesetting Experts

Reading a book should be a smooth, joyous experience, where you absorb the information or the storyline with little friction while consuming the words written for you on the pages. Typesetting professionals have a deep understanding of fonts, sizing and line spacing, and turn this skillset into the invisible hero behind every publication ever read. You won’t notice good typesetting and typography, but it’ll ruin your reading experience if not done perfectly.

We’ve got 40 years of experience, with a great understanding of design. Show us a printed page and we’ll immediately identify the fonts, and know how to achieve the same result in the quickest time possible. Our brains will work out the best way to use the key features of Adobe Creative Cloud to reproduce your design with accuracy and consistency. Fakenham Prepress Solutions has a team of professionals to get your job perfectly typeset and on time.

There’s no need for pages and pages of detailed, long-winded briefs of what you need. We understand all the industry terminology, from days-gone-by to the present-day, with a great wealth of knowledge and experience. From simple novels to complex academic titles, we’ll provide you with everything you have asked for promptly and professionally. Plus, once the work has been signed off, you can relax knowing we also keep secure archives of your titles.

We’re UK-based, work the same hours as you do, and have no language barriers, so we can offer accurate and efficient turnaround times. If there’s an urgent query, or you require some same-day revisions, there is always a helpful expert available on the phone or over email. If you want a professional typesetting service and competitive prices, look no further than Fakenham Prepress Solutions – your invisible typesetting and typography superheroes.