Rekeying & Optical Character Recognition

In the old days, the manual process of rekeying was frustrating and time consuming. But while the days of retyping every manuscript for print production have gone, there are still instances where a physical book needs editing without having a digital version to work from. Handwritten manuscripts or printed books without any digital files are no trouble for us. We can take any document or publication and convert it to digital format before making changes.

Our team of accurate typists will work to convert any handwritten manuscript or an old book into digital format that can be used for typesetting. Our eagle-eyed readers will check the new version against the original to find any errors, and query anything that needs your attention. If it is more efficient we will use our OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software, then go through the same error-checking process for perfect digital recreation, ready to use.

Don’t worry if you’ve only got one precious copy, as we’ll treat it like an artefact and handle it with great care before returning it to you in the same condition. Once the fresh manuscript is ready for production we can repurpose it any way you like. An exact duplicate of the original book is possible, matching the tiniest details, or corrections can be made to produce revised editions. Then they’re reprinted and/or converted to digital, before we safely archive them.