The worst thing that can happen in book production is finding an error once it has been printed. This is unforgivable to authors, publishers, and typesetters like us. The proofreading stage aims to pick-up any-and-all errors during the production process, from those missed in the raw manuscript, through the correction stages, and ending with a final double-check prior to print. Quality control is very important to us and nothing gets past our eagle-eyed readers.

A cookery book with incorrect ingredients or a novel with a character whose name keeps changing would be an embarrassment and little use to anyone. Our titles are checked very carefully, whether proofreading books, journals and magazines, or brochures, booklets and promotional materials. Proofreading insures against erroneous issues before they reach the reader. One single typographic mistake could see an entire print run be pulled and pulped.

We believe it’s important to use intelligent, methodical humans for proofreading, not some automated software that may introduce fresh errors or cultural differences. Our team of proofreaders have a habit of picking up things others have missed; spelling and grammar mistakes are common, alongside factual errors, and problems or queries around formatting. If there are conflicting corrections we’ll raise a query seeking clarity on a suitable conclusion.