Product Launch & Event Management

Fakenham Prepress Solutions doesn’t just produce marketing materials and promotional products. Our four decades of experience in this industry puts us in a great position to help you create the ultimate product launch event or sales event. We can use our products and knowledge to plan and implement events that put you on the map, make a noise, create a buzz and generate interest in your proposition which turns into sales and creates revenue.

If you’ve got a new product or service then you need to showcase it to generate interest and enquiries before you can expect to see any sales. Having a product launch event is a tried and tested way to create the hype and a buzz around your product that gets people excited. Getting people engaged in a physical environment with some well planned activities and light entertainment gives you the opportunity to sell your product without any competition in sight.

Getting local dignitaries and possibly a celebrity or two can go a long way toward enticing people to attend, while also giving the press more of a reason to cover your event. While not all budgets can afford to have paid-for celeb-appearances, your event budget should try to include some light entertainment plus some drinks and appetisers for your guests to enjoy while they mingle with each other and peruse your products, and be photographed doing it.

Public relations (PR) is key in the lead up to the event and essential following it. You and your product stand a much better chance of standing out in a crowded marketplace if you can generate word-of-mouth publicity. Fakenham Prepress Solutions can work with you to set up the event, promote it to target customers and your local community, invite the press, and maximise the PR opportunities prior and during the event, and create a hype afterwards.

We can source and book the venue, create the stunning environment for your event with our promotional products, produce marketing materials in support of advertising your event or create your RSVPs and send them out, create target-lists for guests and manage their attendance, attract dignitaries and/or celebrities, work with the press (newspapers and television) throughout the process, and ensure your event is both successful and stress free.