Point-of-Sale & Signage

Point-of-sale (POS) materials help you to increase your revenue-per-customer. Intelligently designed and well placed POS helps you to promote your products and services, any special offers you have, buy-one-get-one-free promotions and the like. People can be very focussed on their own shopping list, trying not to deviate from it. POS can help you to draw their eyes and attention to new products they don’t know about, or ones that offer you higher margins.

The aim of the game here is to have attention grabbing messages that don’t take up your valuable retail space, but help to signpost where your customers can get a deal. Everyone loves a multi-buy discount or limited edition, but if you don’t tell your customers about them, they’ll walk straight past the things you want them to buy. You can’t rely on your employees to walk around pointing things out to customers, or wait until the til – that might be too late.

Silent salesmen type POS is useful – and more reliable than real humans – when trying to grab your customers attention. Successful POS in both unobtrusive and obvious. Hanging signs with arrows on them, pop-up vinyl banners, shelf edging, a-cards & a-boards, plus more basic, ordinary aisle & departmental signage – these are all opportunities to signpost to your customers where to buy things and why to buy them. If you can imagine it, we’ll print it.

Maximise any shop, restaurant or waiting room. If you’re fresh out of ideas, we’ll suggest some based on our 4 decades of experience with successful point-of-sale materials and shopfront signage. We can help you dress your entire customer-facing environment, from the signs above your doors to the signs above aisles and corridors, from pavement A-boards and posters drawing attention to the front of your premises, to seasonal window stickers.