Photographic Prints

Photographic prints are reproductions of photographs and artwork onto special paper that is coated with light-sensitive chemicals. Normal paper is printed with the dye laying on top of the paper. However, with photographic paper the dye sits inside the paper giving it greater protection and allowing for a nice glossy polished look, with vibrant colours showing in all their natural glory, with brilliant highlights and deep gradients of colours in the shadows.

Digitally enhancing, restoring, enlarging or reducing.

Photography has been at the heart of our business since the company was founded in 1982. We no longer use a darkroom but we have the best expertise, hardware and software used for processing and printing your images. That old saying “the camera never lies” isn’t strictly true anymore; we’re experts at photo manipulation. Whether you use mobile phone tech or a professional SLR camera, we’ll extract the best images possible from your own photographs.

Photos capture emotions while they also hold emotional value in themselves, capturing one-off moments in time that we hold very dear. We can lovingly restore old, tatty and torn photographs, enhancing and reproducing them without the blemishes. Fakenham Prepress Solutions professionally enhance and print your special memories in every size from A6 to A0, on a wide choice of quality papers to cater for all budgets and professional standards.