Page Make-up

Once you’ve assembled your manuscript and imagery for your publication we’ll flow it into a template, either created by our team or one of your own. We’ll follow your specifications – or perhaps a style book – to produce the final product ready for print, digital output, or both. We can handle books of all sizes and complexities, and we’ve been making-up pages for four decades now, going as far back as the days of physically pasting up bromide paper and film.

We have an intimate knowledge of Adobe InDesign, our tool of choice for page make-up nowadays. Our experts will create your perfect looking title, using their vast knowledge of the software, using scripts, plug-ins, parent pages, paragraph styles, object styles and table styles to produce consistent and attractive results you’ll love. Using scripts for almost everything enables quicker and easier updates and corrections at any step of the process.

Every part of the book is handled with love and care, page by page – from the preliminary matter (everything before the main text), through the main body (divided into parts and/or chapters with integrated images, tables and footnotes) to the endmatter, or back matter (everything after the main text such as appendix, endnotes, glossary, bibliography and index) – Fakenham Prepress Solutions aim to impress authors, publishers and readers alike.