Promotional Marketing Materials

Marketing materials are everything you use to show the world that you are a real business. These are used to promote your corporate identity on everything from your delivery van decals and shop-front signage, to advertising posters in bus stops and billboards. They are also all the little things, like letterheads & receipts, pens & stamps, key rings, name badges, business cards, and things like coupons and vouchers. Put your brand on it. It all matters.

Humans can only carry around so many different brands in their mind, so a repetitive brand messaging strategy is important, not only for growth, but also in building a corporate identity. For example, when you go to a bar: you are more likely to order a Coke than a Pepsi, or a Vodka & Red Bull instead of a Vodka & Kick-Energy drink; they may not sell the brand you’re looking for, but you’ve been conditioned to ask for it through clever marketing campaigns.

To win market share and outsmart your competitors you need to have your branding on everything that your customers see and touch, while also advertising in places that will attract new customers. Your branding, slogans, logo and marketing messages should all sing from the same hymn sheet when it comes to styling, because a consistent look and feel will create a professional corporate image, whether you’re a fun & silly brand or a serious one.

Whatever industry you’re in, we’ve probably helped someone else in your field to find creative solutions to their marketing problems. We’ve got 4 decades of experience with branded marketing materials, and we know what works and what doesn’t. So, get in touch with one of our experts today, and learn about all the things we can do to help you raise your company’s profile, drive more enquiries, and increase your revenue and market share.