Magazines & Booklet Production

Glossy magazines or booklets and their digital sisters take the same creative journey before splitting off into physical production and online publishing. There is an important creative process to make sure that whatever goes to print (or published online) is well written, laid out properly, error-free and easy to digest by the reader, with suitable artwork and photography matching each article, also having an engaging front cover, and planned spaces for adverts.

Here at Fakenham Prepress Solutions, we can take part – or even take the lead – in any step along the process of creating the ingredients; from planning any-and-all content, working on manuscripts, working with writers, writing articles ourselves, being part of the reading line and suggesting changes or revisions, copyediting and fact checking content, working with art directors or sourcing artwork and photography – all to make sure the final product is perfect.

Prior to print we can work with external suppliers of advertising copy and ensure that any necessary editor compliance is adhered to, and we can advise on the break of the book if you want to ensure that the ratio of advertisements to editorial content is well balanced. We are more than just a design and production company. We offer editorial support, advertising advice and digital publishing services alongside traditional printing services to support you.

We can manage the entire process from start to finish, on any size of individual, seasonal or regular magazine and booklet publication. We can help you choose the quality of paper and decide on the finish, and help with decisions on print quantities and advice on distribution. Our professional printing services will deliver your production after final sign-off, in all its glory, on-time, and on-budget. If you also want it published online, we can complete that too.