Large Format Prints: Building Plans & Maps

Same day service, A4 to A0.

When you’re on-site and things change, you need to update your plans, drawings and schedules quickly. If you need something printed in large format, and need it the same day, we can help. You give us the PDF document and decide if you want it on 120gsm or 180gsm weighted paper, and whether you want that paper to be bleach-free or waterproof, then we’ll have it ready to collect from us the same day, or we can jump in the van and bring it to you.

If you don’t have a PDF document and need copies of an existing one, perhaps in different sizes, we can jump on this as soon as you can get us the document to scan and reproduce. We print construction and building plans for builders, engineers, architects and landscapers, plus maps, technical & CAD drawings, blueprints, and schedules. We can print in sizes from A4 to massive A0 prints for any complex diagrams, schedules, plans and design drawings.

If you need to be able to write on your documents then bleach-free paper is the way forward. However, if you want something that can withstand dirty hands we can produce your large scale printed documents onto waterproof paper (or if you want a truly wipe-clean surface – or one that you can use white-board markers on – we can print onto di-bond boards). When it comes to 120gsm or 180gsm (Grams per Square Metre) – higher gsm is more robust to use.

This table shows the range of pricing. If you need something slightly different, just ask.
A4 120gsm B&W, Standard, £a.bc
A4 120gsm Colour, Standard, £a.bc
A4 180gsm B&W, Waterproof, £a.bc
A4 180gsm Colour, Waterproof, £a.bc
A3 120gsm B&W, Standard, £a.bc
A3 120gsm Colour, Standard, £a.bc
A3 180gsm B&W, Waterproof, £a.bc
A2 120gsm B&W, Standard, £a.bc
A2 180gsm B&W, Waterproof, £a.bc