An index gives the reader an informative, concise and useful guide to all the information in the main body of a book. Indexes are presented in the form of an alphabetically ordered list of main entries and subentries, including both proper names and subjects, with some books containing more than one index. A well-compiled index should help readers find their way around the main body of a book, locating useful information on a subject quickly and easily.

Although our software is capable of creating an index, we’ve found it much more efficient to incorporate them manually during the latter stages of production. Many authors or publishers send us a Word document they’ve created themselves, but we also have our own indexers who will expertly scan the book and create an index, or multiple categorised indexes. We do this to your specification following house style, a specified number of levels and complexity.

Indexing is a specialist skill and ours are the best. They love nothing more than spending their time carefully cross-referencing, categorising and sorting a book’s content to produce an attractive and easy-to-use list of entries. An index is essential for every reference book. We produce many such titles including textbooks, cookery books, instruction manuals and catalogues. Clients demand a fast, accurate and professional indexing service. We deliver.