Image Restoration

Those treasured yet fragile family photographs shouldn’t be left to deteriorate, boxed-up in the attic – they should be loved as much as the memories are, and cared for so that future generations will be able to enjoy them. Our range of image restoration services ensure your most cherished memories are not only restored but protected too. We can digitally copy and reproduce; we can digitally enhance, recolour and edit; we securely archive digital copies.

Bring your old documents and photographs to us and we’ll take your images of much-loved pets, friends and events and repurpose them into the format of your choice – digital copies, or physical prints on a variety of paper solutions, and we can even produce a book of memories for you to keep. If there is anything you would like us to change in your photos, such as removing objects or people, just ask. We can resize, colourise, repair and airbrush.

We can scan documents and photographs up to A3 size, but we can reproduce in sizes larger than that if you require. We can enhance and reproduce your images on modern photo paper or in glossy books, we can produce calendars or canvases to hang on your walls, and all we need is the original documents or photographs – in whatever condition – to get started. We can also work on digital imagery, but we’ll need your highest quality images.

We can restore sepia, black & white or colour photos, breathing new life into important historical photos and cherished family moments. Our highly detailed scanners handle anything upto the size of A3, while anything larger can be expertly photographed then digitally enhanced, using the latest technology and skillful colour matching to recreate and restore priceless memories, before safely and securely archive the results for the future.

Our team will treat your irreplaceable originals with the greatest love and care while we have them, safely returning them to you in the same condition. So, whether you just want to view your memories in renewed colour or you’re looking to create sentimental gifts for loved ones, you can trust Fakenham Prepress Solutions to lovingly restore your family photography and your important historic documents. You’ll be astonished by what we do to your memories.

Don’t let your memories fade away with deteriorating photos and documents: bring them back to life with Fakenham Prepress Solutions’ expert Image Restoration service.