Pictures don’t just paint a thousand words, they bring your words to life, helping to tell your story or illustrate your point. Illustrations are a great way to enliven and enhance your publications. Diagrams (charts, graphs, cartoons) work wonders to aid understanding and summarise important subjects in your text. Photographs (colour and monotone) can be eye-catching. Illustrations help to explain ideas, tell your story, or break up columns of text.

Our design team are experts in freehand illustrations and digital artwork, plus we’ve got fantastic photography skills on hand to help authors and publishers bring their works to life. We can provide all illustrations, or reproduce some of your artwork to complement or replace existing. We can produce neat and tidy hand-drawn artwork or make it bubbly and friendly with a cartoony-edge, or create artwork using Adobe Creative Cloud to any specification.

We produce artwork and illustrations in a variety of styles. We’ve created all sorts of images over the years, from cartoon characters for children’s books to complex family trees. For technical publications we’re always careful to keep a consistent style, using the same specifications (fonts, sizes and layouts) throughout the title. Authors and publishers love the way we combine imagery and text to produce perfectly illustrated titles with great readability.