Email Marketing Campaign Fulfilment

Email campaigns need to be GDPR compliant and make it easy for the recipient to unsubscribe from future communications sent by you. They also need to get through spam filters if you want people to read them. And if you are lucky enough to reach the screen of your audience, you need a snappy, engaging and useful marketing message to persuade the consumer to click the link in your email and learn more about your proposition. Easy, right?

Emails can be a tricky business to get right. If you try sending lots of marketing emails from your own personal email account, you can end up having your personal email placed on grey or black lists, where your ordinary, day-to-day email communications go directly into people’s junk folders. By using a marketing email platform like we do, email providers understand that it is a marketing message coming through and treat it differently to spam.

We can work with you to create beautiful digital artwork and punchy marketing messages and send them to highly targeted audiences from data you provide to us or data bought from GDPR compliant sources. You can send different style messaging to different audiences; your existing customers might be a good source of repeat business; people who have enquired but not bought can be sent offers; bought data can be introduced to your brand.

Timing is an important factor – we’ll help you deliver audience-specific messages at exactly the right moment to the right section of your database. We will also provide you with full reports on the success of each campaign, with open-rates (percentage of people who have opened it) and click-through-rates (percentage who clicked links), while also providing you with a list of emails that don’t engage or unsubscribe to help you with GDPR compliance.