Direct Mail Campaign Fulfilment

Direct Mail marketing is used to target households in areas where you’re keen to expand your market-share, or where you know certain demographics live who are prime candidates to become your customers. You can choose where your campaigns are delivered, from complete towns and cities, to individual postcodes and even individual streets or highly targeted homes. It is effective at making people see your advertising in their own homes.

While digital marketing has its strengths in certain industries, for others it can produce lower return-on-investment. Some of the people you have targeted might not be online, may not use the website or social platform you’re advertising on, or simply ignore online adverts. To reach more people, and ensure they have to hold your advert in their hand before deciding whether to react to it or dispose of it, Direct Mail – especially creative campaigns – are great.

We can create bespoke DM, newsletters, leaflets, postcards, vouchers & coupons, mini catalogues, invites & reminders – anything that can go through a letterbox and raise awareness of your brand, your products and your services. You can be really imaginative with DM campaigns. There are thousands of ways of packaging your messages. The more curious the receiver is, the more likely they are to pay attention to it, instead of binning it.

To get the best return-on-investment, you should not only create eye-catching curiosity makers, but choose your target audience carefully to limit wasted marketing budget. You can provide us with GDPR compliant target data, we can advise, or we can work with Royal Mail Smart Drop to target specific postal areas with cost effective budgets. Get yourself noticed the good old-fashioned, tried-and-tested way with help from Fakenham Prepress Solutions.