Design Services

Introducing NR21.design

If you don’t already have a designer working with you, we can recommend our sister company, NR21.design, who we’ve worked alongside for most of our existence, long before they rebranded with a new company name. We know each other well, and together we provide a full design and manufacturing service to our clients and to theirs. This doesn’t mean that they are the only option, and we welcome all design companies with open arms.

Working with Designers

We will work with any professional – or indeed aspiring – designer or design agency to help with their clients’ needs. We aim to produce quick and accurate results for any client – directly or through a designer – and we’ll always respect existing relationships that you have when you become our client, so we’ll never approach your clients directly unless you specifically ask us to do so. Honesty is our policy. We will always act in strict confidence.