Although a well-presented and copy-edited manuscript will make the typesetting process much smoother, there are plenty of instances where text may need rewriting, tabular content might require revisions, and images will need updating. Whether you’re producing a brand new book, updating a title for a new edition, or just making minor revisions to an existing edition (reprint), we’ll work to understand all your edits, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

We’d prefer that all corrections are supplied as comments within Adobe Acrobat, but we’re also familiar with traditional proofreaders’ marks if you prefer to supply your corrections in printed format. Some publishers like to give a list of necessary changes which also works for us. We always go the extra mile to spot mistakes or omissions in manuscripts ourselves, and provide you with a list of queries to answer, so that the final typeset version is error-free.

Corrections are a vital part of the typesetting process, and we have gained over 40 years of experience making us masters of our trade. We pride ourselves on the quality of our correction work across the publication spectrum: text books, novels, magazines, journals, catalogues and guides – no job is too big or too small. Fakenham Prepress Solutions won’t let you down, and we’re confident you’ll recommend us to peers and come back for more.