Copy-editing Service

Copy-editing focuses on the technical quality of a publication’s text, improving readability and ensuring it is fit-for-purpose. It’s divided into two forms: mechanical and content or substantive. Mechanical editing involves aligning documents with preferred editorial or house style and grammar rules consistently across all content. Content or substantive editing focuses on editing the material, its structure and organisation, to ensure internal consistency.

It is vital that the whole typesetting journey starts with a clean manuscript. An error-free document will save time and budget across all stages of production, reducing corrections and limiting levels of stress when against the clock. The exhaustive work of copy-editors reduces the workload for everyone else. Good copy-editors enjoy this work, and are more than happy to carry the burden of inspecting and fixing the fine details of a publication’s text.

Our meticulous team of copy-editors will check your manuscript for wording (spelling, grammar, syntax and consistency), content (fact-checking and translations) and readability (legibility and repetition). We also check each publisher’s individual house-style, ensuring consistency across all titles. Whether you’re an international publisher, or an aspiring author with your own project, you’re bound to be pleased with the way we handle your manuscript.