Cast-offs (Book Extents)

Once you’re happy with your manuscript, we need to calculate the number of pages it will make once converted into the design you’ve chosen. That’s where our professional cast-off service comes in. Thankfully, the tedious days of wordcount calculations using characters- or words-per-page are now replaced by flowing text into templates, giving more accurate and faster results. Fakenham Prepress Solutions offers professional, same-day cast-off services.

We know that publishers need an accurate view of costs when starting any publication run. Variables such as a book’s length and spine width will affect production costs, and the eventual cover price. With careful consideration for image allowances and any index pages, we’re happy to provide multiple extents to ensure your book fits within your budget, with no nasty surprises at the end of the print production process. We’ll also keep time under control.

We can start by using your own InDesign template, or work towards matching a style you like from a printed book or PDF. If you don’t have any clear ideas for your design, we can produce some samples for you as a guide. Then, we’ll adapt it for our workflow, and flow your text into it. You can also ask us to fit your copy to specified even working extents (divisible by 16/32) and provide alternative samples for approval before production begins.