Branded Stationery Products

All organisations, charities and companies – from small businesses to larger firms – show the world that they are an official, professional outfit by displaying their corporate identity – logos, slogans and branding – on their stationery. Everything they use in communications with their shareholders, suppliers and their clients or customers has their branding on it, from company letterheads and compliment slips to receipts & invoices, envelopes and their franking stamp.

Branded stationery goes beyond items that are sent to people transactionally. Items used by sales teams and administration departments may include appointment and business cards, folders, presenters and clipboards, pens and pencils; companies might need to use branded carbon order pads for use away from computers; identity cards & name badges while away from their main places of business; and vouchers & coupons for customer service activities.

Fakenham Prepress Solutions are experts in branded stationery, offering the widest variety of traditional and necessary products, alongside creative and quirky solutions. We deliver small to massive quantities of well made stationery, with branding and slogans permanently printed on them. We work with manufacturers with whom we have long standing, reliable relationships, and our expert team can advise you on the most creative, cost-effective items.

Business Cards

Business Cards come in various sizes and shapes; on paper, card, gloss or matt laminated card, plastic or metal, with two sides for you to impress. Share your values, unique selling points, branding messages, key brands you offer. You’ll give your contact details, but why not add a QR code which takes them to a specific page designed for new customer offers?

Appointment Cards

Another opportunity to cement your brand’s marketing messages into your client’s life, and remind them why they chose you in the first place. Instead of just giving them something that hides away in their purse, why not give them a magnetic one that can live on their fridge, and make it cool enough that they don’t want to remove it after their appointment with you?

Counter A-Cards

Sales counter messaging is a great way of cross-selling, up-selling and getting seasonal reminders across at the point of sale in your shop, store or showroom, so you don’t have to rely on staff repeating sales messages like their lives depend on it. Silent-salesmen tools like A-Cards are a great way to increase last-minute revenue before your customers pay and go.

Letterheads & Email Signatures

Whenever you write to a customer or potential client they expect to see professional paperwork, with your corporate identity properly heading your letterheads, adorning your compliment slips and showing off your colour palette, company logo and contact details. Sending paper is becoming rare, but these details are also important in email signatures.

Sales Forms & Folders

Your marketing has worked, and you’ve got as far as persuading someone to sign the dotted line and do business with you. Now for that final moment of trust. The sale order form. Now is not the time for generic order books or note pads – now is the time to cement that professional image and remind them you’re going to look after them, with proper paperwork.

Vouchers & Coupons

Gift Cards, Money Off Vouchers, Savings Coupons – all great ideas when executed properly and designed to fit the purpose. Don’t go designing your own on your office computer using silly clip-art. Let us make your coupons and vouchers look as professional as you are with clever design details; serial numbers, expiry dates, sequential codes and all that nice stuff.

Pens, Pencils, Rulers

Arming your sales team, or the local school, with marketing materials that make marks on paper? Need to make sure that straight lines aren’t wobbly while showing off your lovely little branding messages? Pens, Pencils & Rulers are a great way of putting your slogan and logo onto something more useful than a sticker, that will last a while, all the time advertising you.

Clipboards & Presenters

Whether collecting customer feedback, data farming or making a presentation to potential clients, clipboards and presenter packs are another subtle way of sending corporate messages to an unwitting audience. Your logo and branding messages can do some silent marketing for you and your team, reminding people that you’re professional & trustworthy.

Carbon Pads

“Sign here; push hard; three copies.” Now your skin is slightly more smurf. The order is in the bag. But did this transactional moment create a sense of trust & belief in your brand, or did you buy some cheap, blue carbon paper & a notepad to save a few pennies? You’ve spent money buying the sale, so encourage repeat custom with branded carbon copy pads.

Uniform & High Vis

Look the part with a branded uniform that shows you mean business. You can keep it simple and smart, or you can go full-on football-shirt-sponsorship style with logos, branding & sales messages front, back and sleeves. Or, for those who need to be noticed, or just like to stand out in a crowd, branded high-visibility clothing like vests, sweaters and jackets will help.

Mugs, Cups & Glasses

Corporate Social Responsibility messages, your marketing slogans, or logos & branding can be displayed proudly on people’s desks – both in your offices and those of your customers. You can decorate responsibly sourced paper cups, long-lasting ceramic mugs, recycled plastic coffee cups, & even etch logos onto drinking glasses, wine glasses and pint glasses.

ID Cards & Name Badges

“If your name’s not down, you’re not coming in.” Showing your identity to people has always been important when trying to earn people’s trust, but these days trust is harder to come by and even more important. We create professional name badges and ID cards emblazoned with your corporate identity and anything else deemed important to make people feel secure.