Branded Promotional Products

To build yourself a great reputation, and create lasting top-of-mind awareness – with your brand being easily recognised by your existing customers and potential ones – you would benefit from putting your branding into people’s hands. You can achieve this by putting your branding onto promotional marketing products which can be given away at events or as freebies with purchases – literally putting brand-in-hand and giving people a reminder of you.

Giving existing customers till receipts & invoices after a transaction can be one dimensional. While it serves a purpose of building a professional image associated with your brand, it doesn’t win you new customers. Promotional marketing products can be created to give existing customers products that provide you with opportunities for marketing to their friends, families and associates – items like branded mugs, umbrellas and beer mats create free ads.

Fakenham Prepress Solutions have over 40 years of experience within this industry and we’re good at helping our clients find creative solutions to help them provide additional advertising opportunities through free giveaways, prizes and event handouts. We think outside the box to create things that people will value and keep for longer, like recycled tea & coffee travel mugs, things that they’ll appreciate and be proud to show off to their friends.

If it is useful, it’s less likely to end up in the bin, as they’ll want to use it. So, promotional items such as pens & pencils; clothing like hats, beanies & caps; branded bottle-opener keyrings; drinking vessels such as mugs, cups and glasses; calendars that sit on desks or hang on walls, can all be personalised and embellished with your company branding, slogans and marketing messages. All this helps your brand with top-of-mind awareness.

Vinyl Banners

Waterproof full-colour vinyl banners are versatile essentials for any promotions or events where you want to draw attention to your messages and stand out in the crowd. They are tough, durable and made to measure, with metal loops around the edges for you to tie these up anywhere. Create any message with any graphics and use these to be seen and noticed.

Flags & Bunting

How better to make a positive party atmosphere than with flags and bunting. Red, white and blue for the british theme or using the colours from your corporate identity. With or without your logo. Ones you hand from wall-to-wall, over alleys and doorways, others you hand to passers-by or place on seats for crowds in stadiums. There’s so much fun to be had here.

Pens & Pencils

Banks used to do their best to stop you from stealing their pens. Then one day someone pointed out that if their customers wanted to take a pen or pencil with the bank’s name on it, carrying it about or taking it home for others to see that they bank with them, who cares, right? Surely this free advertising is worth more than the humble pen or pencil? Give it away!

Clothing & Uniform

Events staff either need to blend into their surroundings or stand out like a sore thumb. Either they should be seen but not heard, or make as much noise as possible. Either way, they should all be dressed uniformly to make it clear to attendees or the public that they are a part of your team, that they belong there; to help, to serve, to sell, dressed professionally.

Pop-up Roller Banners

Waterproof full-colour vinyl pop-up roller banners are essentials for promotions and events where you want to draw attention to your branding messages, sales promotions and offers. They are tough, durable, made to measure, easy to put up and put away, and even easier to transport inside their aluminium base. Messages that can say anything, anywhere, anytime.

Mugs & Cups

Put your brand-in-hand for as long as possible with one of the most useful promo marketing items available. These can be given away for a reasonable cost per unit, and can be decorated with your corporate identity, sales slogans, or Corporate Social Responsibility messages, and if you get it right – these will spread your word for you, for a very long time!

Stickers & Badges

Personalised plastic or metal name badges with magnetic clips are very durable and look fantastic. Personalised stickers are a cheap, quick way of branding your audience at an event, but they aren’t the most durable option. Pin badges are more durable than stickers, but they can be a health and safety concern. Give us the problem and we’ll help you decide.

Chalk & A-Boards

Chalk boards can be chalk-based where you have the freedom to swap & change messages whenever you want, or faux-chalk where we print your messages using chalk style fonts for a longer lasting, more durable board. A-boards can be printed with messages, or you can have A-board poster versions where you can swap & update the poster whenever you need.